Where do you live?

I live in Dallas TX.

Well invite me over and we'll have tons of fun on and off cam. Watch animes, fuck, cuddle, eat, play video games, fuck again sprinkled with comic cons and hanging out with your friends ;). Did I forget to say well fuck too?

Wow. I think you hit on everything I like. Talk about an offer you can’t refuse. Hehe.

Here is the video I posted a couple weeks ago.

Are you going to do anymore videos on xtube

I have not really planned any. They kind of just happen randomly. I did post one a couple weeks ago though.

I love love your art!!!!!!!

Thank you! :-)


So I asked enigmacub to draw some stuff with me and before we got to the super naughty stuff we talked about a Chibi version of me and after a few days he sent me this AMAZING drawing. I am super impressed and I just can’t say how much I love this picture. Thank you again enigmacub, you did an amazing job.

Welcome handsome. It was my pleasure. ;-)


A few more days and I will be in Oklahoma City for MCA. It’s going to be nice to get away for a week.



No real point to it, lol.  I was just unwinding at home and started to draw.  

No real point to it, lol.  I was just unwinding at home and started to draw.  

Just a note saying fantastic artwork and good looks! You got it going for you brotha!! :-)

Thanks!   Much appreciated.   I have been loving the various artists interpretations of Bronco on Flickr, Y Gallery and other sites for a while.   It’s nice to see you are on tumblr. :-)